Established in 1982 by a small but dedicated group of citizens, Pacificans Care is a totally volunteer, community-based non-profit organization created to support core social service organizations in Pacifica. Pacificans Care ensures that our neighbors in need succeed in developing a healthy, self-sufficient, and improved quality of life. Pacificans Care and our current core social service agencies “make a difference” for thousands of Pacificans during difficult times.

When Rockaway Ricky passed away in August of 2018 Christine realized there was a need to help the pets of Pacifica’s seniors. The Pacifica Senior Center was losing funds they normally would receive to assist pets of seniors so Christine teamed up with Pacificans Care, a 501c3 nonprofit, to help establish the Rockaway Ricky Memorial Fund. Through Pacificans Care the Rockaway Ricky Memorial Fund is able accept donations and distribute them to Pacifica’s seniors through the Pacifica Senior Center. They also extend donations to the homeless population in Pacifica as well as families in need through the Pacifica Resource Center. Funds are used for pet food, supplies and veterinary care.

To learn more about Pacificans Care and how they support our community please visit their website at www.pacificans-care.com